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Graceful Gardens is your place to buy small quantities of mixed
Perennial and Annual plants at wholesale prices! 
We are sold out for the 2016 season, but you can still find lots of great information about our plants and how to grow them. Sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know when our new plants are ready for ordering in the fall!

*We do not ship to AK, CA, OR, WA, AZ or FL

The Way To Order

Can I order one of each? We sell our plants by the full tray. You get to pick out 8 different varieties of plants (or the same variety if you want!). They will be in packs with 4 plants in them. So, you get one big tray with 8 packs and each pack has 4 plants in it for a total of 32 plants. That can be $2.65 a plant or even much less! At most nurseries you might get 6 plants for our price of 32! Find out more here.

I just wanted to let you know I just received my order. I ordered 3 trays of flowers and could not be happier. I never imagined they would look so beautiful. Everything is in perfect condition. I am so glad I feel like I'll be smiling all season. You have the extra special flowers that are hard to find. I'll be ordering from you every year! Mark and Amanda keep up the great work, you really know what your doing.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!