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They use to be so cute...until they mowed down your garden! There are a few things that we've come to understand about deer repellent flowers. Deer avoid plants with a strong fragrance, irritating textures, or plants that upset their stomachs. They would rather find food elsewhere. There are flowers that deer won't eat. For instance, Lavender is deer resistant. What we find so appealing is completely distasteful to them. With that said, if deer are hungry enough due to scarce resources, they will eat anything rather than starve. Below you can access our most deer proof plants. These are the flowers that tend to repel deer or the deer ignore them in our garden along with those listed from universities around the country as great deer deterrent plants. Our deer resistant plants can be mixed with your Delphinium, Perennial and Annual plant packs in your tray. 

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The Plants Deer Won't Eat