About Us

Graceful Gardens | Amanda and Mark Shenstone

Graceful Gardens is a small family nursery focusing on plants used in the traditional cottage garden. We love growing our plants and from all the kind and enthusiastic letters we get, we know you love growing them, too. We are lucky to live in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York near Ithaca. Everything we do for fun or work brings us outdoors. Almost everyday we make time to run, bike, ski, hike or, of course, garden. For Mark and I, our farm is a very personal endeavor. We take great pride in growing every plant that is shipped to you. Each flower you receive is grown from start to finish in our greenhouses resulting in healthy and vigorous plants. We personally select and carefully pack all of our plants before shipping. We hope you find the same joy as we do when you are outside enjoying your garden.

Best Wishes,

Mark and Amanda Shenstone