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Many of you may recognize us from our decades-long dedication to cultivating Delphiniums, perennials, and annual plants, dispatching them to gardening enthusiasts across the nation. The journey was one of enduring commitment, shared between my husband Mark and me—a labor of love that we cherished. However, as the adage goes, all good things must conclude, leading us to retire following our 2022 season and bid farewell to our beloved nursery.

Yet, retirement from the world of gardening itself remains inconceivable! I now revel in the ample time afforded to nurture my own garden. Nevertheless, I dearly miss the camaraderie of my fellow gardening enthusiasts, many of whom I encountered through Graceful Gardens. Through the years, I’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge about cultivating flowers, and I am eager to impart this wisdom to all of you.

In the coming days, I plan to enrich this space with insights and advice on nurturing your own floral treasures. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your gardening inquiries—I’m here to help cultivate your passion for plants. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for growing updates straight to your inbox!

Happy Gardening,

Amanda Shenstone

Mark and Amanda Shenstone of Graceful Gardens Mark, Amanda and Cooper

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Amanda in Greenhouse with blooming Delphiniums. She loves growing flowers!

Amanda Shenstone

Flower Lover, Grower, Gardener

As part of Graceful Gardens for decades, I’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge about growing Delphiniums, perennials and annual flowers, and I am eager to share these insights with all of you.

Amanda Shenstone

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