Alchemilla “Thriller”

Alchemilla Thriller

About Alchemilla "Thriller"

Alchemilla “Thriller” produces sprays of chartreuse flowers that make excellent filler in bouquets. The stems are strong for cutting and bloom in June and July. A nice foliage plant, you can't help but notice the way the fan shaped velvety leaves collect the morning dewdrops. I mix them in the front of the border on the shady side of my home. The University of Illinois Extension Service lists this plant as deer resistant. 

Alchemilla “Thriller”

Zone: 3-8
Exposure: Shade or Part Sun
Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Summer
Height: 18”
Alchemilla “Thriller” Features: Cut Flower, Deer Resistant Plant, Rabbit Resistant, Good Shade Plant, Tolerate Wet Soil, Perennial

Planting and Growing Alchemilla

Make sure your Alchemilla “harden off” to cool nights and windy conditions before planting. This requires leaving them outside in a protected area for a few days otherwise, they may wilt after planting. Choose an area in part shade or shade. Prepare your planting hole by turning the soil at least a shovel size deep and wide and be sure the hole is filled with plenty of organic matter for best results. Remove your plant from its pack and gently loosen the root ball. Plant deep enough to cover the top of the root ball. Press down firmly on the soil and then water it in. You can mulch if you like but not too close to the plant to avoid rot. 

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