Nasturtium Alaska

Annual Plants For Instant Color

Annuals give you instant color fast and furious all season long. They are great for the beginner gardener because they are so forgiving. There is no timing involved. You plant them in the proper spot and they will do the rest. Annuals can fill in lag times when your perennial border may not be in full bloom. Since many of them reseed, they often act like a perennial and grow again the following year without you having to do the planting. The annual flowers we have chosen are easy to grow, simply gorgeous but hard to find anywhere else. They are the most unique and old-fashioned varieties of annual plants you will find anywhere online. Annual plant packs can be mixed with your Delphinium and Perennial plant packs of your tray. Click on any plant below to learn more about them. 

Our Annual Plants For Sale

Ageratum Blue Horizon

With powder puff sky blue button flowers, Ageratum is a favorite for cutting.

Cleome Cherry Queen

Tall, airy, and graceful, Cleome Cherry Queen is a simple annual to grow.

Cosmos Versailles

The giant blooms of Cosmos Versailles are profuse with delicate and graceful foliage. 

Cosmos Red Illusion

A Cosmos full of spectacular extra large blooms for every garden.

Datura Belle Blanche

The huge bells of Datura bring fragrant romance back into the garden.

Heliotrope Marine

A vintage flower, Heliotrope are one of most fragrant you will find.

Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue

A mass of brilliant tiny blue flowers makes Lobelia Regatta irresistible.

Marigold Lemon Gem

With fragrance and color of lemon, blossoms sit above the fancy frilly leaves.

Marigold Hero Mix

New! A fancy French Marigold that's cute and easy to grow and deer resistant.

Marigold Red Gem

Fragrant easy to grow red gems for your garden all season long.

Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

The large saucer shaped blooms of Morning Glory will grow and climb anywhere.

Nasturtium Alaska

Nasturtiums are a carefree plant with lush tropical growth and vibrant blooms.

Nicotiana Baby Bella

The red tubular flowers make Baby Bella a hummingbird favorite.

Nicotiana Only the Lonely

Drifting through the evening air, Nicotiana Only The Lonely fragrance is glorious.

Nicotiana Whisper

The hundreds of colorful bells of Nicotiana Whisper leave a wonderful fragrance.

Portulaca Happy Hour Mix

Perfect for the hot dry areas where you want color and something easy.

Salpiglossis Royale Mix

The most intricate color and designs are found in the flowers of Salpiglossis.

Salvia Victoria

The blue felt flower heads of Salvia Victoria stand up to the harshest conditions.

Salvia Hummingbird Lady In Red

With constant red bells, Salvia Hummingbird Lady in red is irresistible to the birds.

Snapdragon Madame Butterfly

Double your flower power with Snapdragon Madam Butterfly’s azalea-like blooms.

Snapdragons Rocket Mix

Snapdragon Rocket Mix is the annual queen of the cottage garden.

Stock Vintage Mix

Stock has the sweetest fragrance you’ll ever find in the garden.