Buying Delphiniums

Buy DelphiniumsThe Best Delphinium Varieties For Your Garden

There are many varieties of Delphinium that have exceptional features that you can choose from. Some varieties are extremely tall like the Pacific Giants and require staking for full effect. We are particularly proud to again offer Dowdeswell's New Millennium delphiniums. Tall as well, they are packed with large blossoms and bred for both heat and cold hardiness. The tall varieties are great for background effect or against a backdrop that will help support them.

For shorter but sturdier varieties, Magic Fountain Delphiniums can provide lots of dramatic flair but are less likely to need staking. They can be mixed throughout the garden. They are better for a smaller garden by fitting in better for height and width.

A great edging plant and for the front of the border are the smallest delphiniums, Summer Nights. Unlike other delphiniums, these can stand up to hotter climates, although I would still give them some shade.

Somewhere in the middle of all these types reside the vibrant Belladonna types: free flowering, electric blue or sky blue, heat tolerant and exceptional cut flowers. I find them the easiest to grow. Whether you pick by height, color, or habit, all your choices are simply lovely!

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