Campanulas Big and Small

Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue

January 14, 2015

I had some wonderful Campanulas in my garden this past summer! Campanulas or Bellflowers are perennials and deer resistant plants that come in so many varieties with different heights and bell shapes. They are tough perennial plants, growing in shade and sun in our beds. Pictured is the Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue growing low and full of tiny blue bells. Then there are the taller cluster bellflowers where the tiny bells form a pom-pom of bells on the top of a tall stalk. You can the Campanula Glomerata here. For bells that dangle along the stem, there is the Campanula Persicifolia Blue or White. They are all easy to grow. including in the shade and easily spread if you need to fill in an area. With so many different varieties of Campanula, there are always bells blooming!