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We knew we had good prices but when we looked closely at what other well known mail-order plant growers were charging we were shocked! We want you to see for yourself and understand just what a great deal you are getting at Graceful Gardens. Here it is, as plain as day!

Company  Foxglove
Cost of 32 Plants  Shipping 32 Plants
Graceful Gardens $3.50 $3.50 $112 $15.96
Bluestone $14.95 $16.95 $542 $65.88
Garden Crossing $14.99 $15.99 $495.68 $89.22
White Flower Farm $16.00 $16.95 $542.40 $108.48
Wayside Gardens     $15.95 $18.95 $606.40 $115.22

As you can see, we are quite a bargain! It's not hard to measure quality, dependability and personal service and we know we have all three. Our customers have given us so much positive feedback and we are always striving for the best possible plants.