Cottage Gardening

Cottage GardenCottage Gardens

Don't you love it when nobody can tell you what to do? Well, that's what cottage gardening is all about! It is playful and spontaneous and it's all up to you! The plants are not difficult to grow and the beds are jam packed, helping to keep unwanted weeds to a minimum. Perennials come back year after year and the annuals often reseed. There are plenty of deer resistant plants and drought tolerant plants you can use as well if you need to. Some cottage gardens are grand, some are simple and small but all cottage gardens beckon the visitor to come take a closer look.  

Creating a Cottage Garden

I planted this garden for my friend Jackie in late June in what was truly the worst soil I've ever worked in. It was hard as a rock with no organic matter. I wondered what I had gotten myself into but planted anyway and told her to keep on watering and fertilizing. Just a few weeks later, the plants filled out and blooms appeared. By early August, Jackie's cottage garden was alive with color! Try it!