Digitalis Camelot

Digitalis Camelot

About Digitalis Camelot

The large trumpet bells on Digitalis Camelot swirl around its stem showing off its speckled colors within. The hummingbirds love Digitalis Camelot. They are an endless food source. They also can produce lots of side shoots. The colors of Digitalis Camelot range from rose, cream, lavender, and white flowers. Most universities will list Digitalis as a deer resistant plant.

Digitalis Camelot

Zone: 4-9
Exposure: Sun or Shade
Bloom Time: Late Spring - Mid Summer
Height: 36” or more
Digitalis Camelot Features: Deer Resistant, Attracts hummingbirds, Cut Flower, Rabbit Resistant, Attracts Butterfly, Perennial 

Planting and Growing Digitalis

Make sure your Digitalis “harden off” to cool nights and windy conditions before planting. This requires leaving them outside in a protected area for a few days otherwise, they may wilt after planting. Choose an area in the sun, part shade or shade. Prepare your planting hole by turning the soil at least a shovel size deep and wide and be sure the hole is filled with plenty of organic matter for best results. Remove your plant from its pack and leave the root ball intact. Plant deep enough to cover the top of the root ball. Press down firmly on the soil and then water it in. Consider fertilizing once or twice a season. You can mulch if you like but not too close to the plant to avoid rot. Clip spent blooms for a continuous flush of flowers!



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