Fragrant Flowers

Annual Flowers Stock

February 26, 2014

We often associate flowers by their fragrance. Some are powerful and full of perfume. Others require close up attention to catch their drift. Then, there are some flowers, as gorgeous as they are, that are better enjoyed from afar. Some of the most fragrant flowers are ones that most people don't know about. It wasn't until I grew them that I learned how extra delightful they could be. These are my top three favorites:
First on the list is the Annual Heliotrope. Their pretty clusters of purple flowers are often said to have the scent of cherry pie. Their dark green crinkly leaves are the perfect contrast. Plant them in a sunny spot. Stock, with its simple name, gives so much more than the name implies: Gorgeous blooms and the fragrance to go with them. Plant them where people walk by and they will notice. They begin their bloom season in the cool spring temperatures. Most people know about the popular fragrant Perennial Lavender. What I think most people don't know is how hardy and easy to grow it is here in the United States. Harvest its flowers for drying and you'll have the fragrance forever. All three are deer resistant plants.