Graceful Gardens Is For Sale!

About the business is a mailorder nursery providing Annual and Perennial plants to home gardeners for 24 years. Our customers are loyal & ready to buy!

Key Highlights

Average spend per customer is $201.
Nearly 10,000 Instagram followers
24 years in Business
54% profit margin
Ave. Monthly Profit: $5,723 /mo
Ave. Monthly revenue: $10,200 /mo
Page Views: 15,453 p/mo
The Horticulture Market is expected to increase with a compound annual growth rate of 9% during the outlook period of 2022 - 2027

Operations is an eCommerce mail-order flower garden business. We grow and ship plants throughout most of the United States. We are a husband-and-wife team whose love for growing plants became an opportunity for us to create a steady income doing what we love the most! Want to be a farmer? Well, weather can swing from drought to rainy years making farm life an endless battle to make a profit. We left behind our vegetable business for the controlled environment of the greenhouse. We get the challenge of growing top-quality plants with our hands still in the dirt. We’ve created a family farm business that delivers consistent income with less overhead than traditional farming. Our customers keep coming back year after year for our niche perennials and annuals that help them create colorful flower gardens and sanctuary from a troubled world. Over the years we have been able to streamline the operations so that the hours are very flexible and except for the shipping season (April and May) the work is mostly part-time. We start taking orders on our website in October and the season is over by June.  The actual growing time is late January through May. Leftover plants are sold locally at farmer's markets for extra cash.

We specialize in growing Annual and Perennial flowers with an emphasis on multiple varieties of Delphiniums.  We are one of the few sources for buying quantities of Delphiniums for the home gardener. Setting us apart from other mail order plant businesses is how we sell our plants which are in small quantities to homeowners at affordable prices. A customer must buy at least one full tray of plants and can pick out 8 different varieties of plants that come in packs of 4 plants. This adds up to a tray with 32 plants in it. At most nurseries, you might get 6 plants for the price of our 32 plants. For a full tray, our minimum order costs $112 plus shipping. 

If you love gardening, growing plants, working from home, and want a reliable income from it then taking over the reins of will be a perfect fit. It took many years to streamline our operations into what it is now:  a profitable income producer with part-time hours. Come October, our customers will be wanting to place their orders for the following spring!

With nearly 10,000 Instagram followers we have started to attract a younger customer base who have discovered gardening during the pandemic. We have 3600 Facebook followers and on Pinterest: 490 followers with 23.3k monthly views.

We are located in central NY but the business can be operated anywhere in the US. Our database and growing schedules are included. Our name has a stellar reputation in the mail-order plant industry with a loyal following of devoted customers who are ready to buy plants for their garden. They are always excited to try new varieties!

Opportunities for Growth

The potential of Graceful Gardens is enormous. The Pandemic has created a whole new population of gardeners eager to grow plants.  We only take advantage of the spring garden season but most nurseries sell throughout the summer and into the fall as well. After so many years as a grower, we have gotten stuck in our ways and a fresh approach to growing, marketing and selling will no doubt increase sales. Growth can come from innovation and modernization that we never took advantage of. Seeding would take a fraction of the time with automated seeders and flat fillers.  Other plant size combinations and plant variety niches could also be offered. Outreach can be magnified with more personality-oriented social media posts.  We have created the building block of satisfied repeat customers over 24 years that can be your springboard into a prosperous growing business.


New customers come from social media, links, google searches, google ads and of course, word of mouth. We stay in touch with customers with a twice-weekly email through Mailchimp from October to May. People from our first years in business continue to order!


We make money from selling plants that we grow from seed. Seeding starts in Mid-January and shipping of plant orders starts in April to the warmer climates. We begin taking orders through our eCommerce website in October to provide a steady stream of income.  Leftover stock is sold locally at farmers' markets during the summer.  We have a customer list of over 11,000 people and an email list of over 3000 people. Our largest expenses are UPS shipping, Propane for heating our 2 greenhouses, and seeds. More detailed financials will be made available to serious buyers.

Additional Notes

Purchasing and order fulfillment process:

When a customer places an order we get an email notification from Stripe, our credit card processor. The order is printed for records and the order is entered into our Access database which keeps track of Customer info, plants ordered, ship dates, and all details about plant inventory. The customer is emailed a confirmation of the order and given a ship date. The orders we receive between October through January give us insight into which plants are most popular and how many seedlings should be transplanted for future orders.  Although we grow the plants from seed, there is a vast inventory of starter plants available from plant brokers that can be used instead. Shipping happens on Mondays and Tuesdays mostly so the plants will arrive before the weekend. Customers are sent tracking numbers from UPS. Packing plants requires exceptional care and we have had excellent results with UPS. We will be happy to go over with the buyer how we set up our packing station and put together resources that show you how to ship plants step-by-step. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you selling the business?

     We have been building this business for 24 years and we are now ready to retire. We are willing to sign a non-compete agreement.

  • How large are the greenhouses that you grow your plants in?

     We have 2 greenhouses that are 30’x96’ each. (@ 6000 sq. ft.) The 2nd greenhouse doubles as a growing and staging area for the plants being shipped out. They will be sold separately. You can learn more about them here.

  • Do I need horticultural experience to run this business?

     Either you or someone you hire will need to understand how to grow plants.

Web domain name
Website files
Email address
Social media accounts
Email subscriber list
Brand assets (logos, etc)
Seeding Schedule
Transplant Schedules
Custom Database for tracking plants, orders, customers, etc.
Screen Tutorials for using database and website
Plant packing tutorial
Supplier contacts
Custom technology
Unique content
Unique design
Post-sale support
Included. We are happy to provide support for a period of time after the sale. We will share any info needed including tutorials.
Social media
 3,595 Facebook followers
 9,699 Instagram followers
 491 Pinterest followers
3,213 Email Subscribers

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Asking Price: $68,000

 If you are interested and have questions please contact us here.