Happy Spring!

Greenhouse Plants

March 19, 2014

Happy Spring! I hope there are signs of Spring where you live even if it’s just a Robin or a Snowdrop peeping through the melted snow. Here in upstate NY, I’m afraid I have to go into the greenhouse to find spring. (There is still lots of snow on the ground!) But the greenhouse is full of beautiful Delphiniums, Perennials and Annuals. Green and lush, it has that certain tropical air to it. We continue to transplant. The earliest transplants have really taken off and if I don’t go in the greenhouse for a day, I can literally see the changes in growth! These will be the first plants to be shipped on our first shipping week, April 14th to the warmer climates. We ship whenever it's appropriate for your area or whenever you think its best. Come on Spring, bring it on! Really, I am so ready!