Hummingbirds Sweet Spot

delphinium hummingbird

April 30, 2014

I find the Hummingbirds hovering, zipping and iridescent antics simply amazing. Also, the bewildering buzzing & humming sound that they make is so startling. That's the vibration of their wings at the rate of 90-200 flaps per second! If we didn't give them such a tasty and colorful playground, we may never get the chance to see the show!

Hummingbirds are high energy birds. They are in constant need of the flower nectar. They find the flowers by their bright color and high production of nectar. Their long beaks can get where most competitors can't possibly reach. Once Hummingbirds find a ready food supply of annuals and perennials from our gardens they continue to feed from that area all season long! Some of their favorites include Aquilegia Columbine, Salvia, Lupines, Nicotiana, Digitalis Foxglove, and Monarda.

If you are new to gardening and love Hummingbirds, try our  "Hummingbird Haven" collection. It includes 32 plants that Hummingbirds love, all are easy for you to grow and they come with a plan to help you get started. I hope you will give these amazing plants a try and enjoy the spectacular flying show!