It's a Drought!



What a summer! My town, Trumansburg, NY, was declared the driest town in NY state! I believe it! Who has time to water and for some people out here in rural areas, who has enough water? I was in the “time” category so didn’t do very much watering and it gave me a good chance to see which plants really thrived with my neglectful habits. Basically, if it wasn’t wilting, I wasn’t watering it! That meant if you weren’t wilting, you became a favorite! I know from all of you out there, it wasn’t just my area suffering from drought. So it seemed like a good time to start a drought tolerant category on the site. Some of my favorites this summer?  Achillea, Echinacea, Gaillardia, Coreopsis, Lavender, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Cleome, and Nicotiana. They were all blooming during the peak of our drought even though I ignored them. You have to love that! Give them a try if you live in a dry climate or just want colorful plants no matter what!