No Stopping Spring!

Delphiniums and Shasta Daisy

March 24, 2014

The snow is melting and I've discovered the daffodils are half way up. How did they do that? The Robins returned and are eating something in the grass. But what? There is no stopping Spring and by the weekend where I live we will finally have our big thaw. This has been a good time for me to look at the layout of my garden and think about the changes that I would like to make. With a pickup truck of compost on order, I hope to expand some beds into more sunshine. Those young maples and hickories got big over the course of 30 years! I'll add Annuals for instant gratification and to fill in the perennial bloom gaps. For sun-loving Perennials, I am picturing a bed full of hollyhock, lupine, veronica, poppy, gaillardia, heliopsis, achillea and old fashion shasta daisy. What's your vision?