shipping at Graceful GardensShipping begins the week of April 11, 2022, and continues through early summer. We will ship your order relative to the sequence it was received and with respect to your general growing season. Please let us know if you have a preferred ship date and we will gladly schedule for that time if ordered early enough. We will e-mail you the expected ship date of your plants. We plan ahead and stick to our schedule so everyone can be ready! Please mark your calendar.  UPS will also send an e-mail when the plants are shipped along with a tracking number. If plants arrive during a rainy spell or a cool snap, remove them from the box and care for them in their packs until you can plant. You must keep them sheltered from extreme weather, watered, and fed. If you know you will not be in town during any part of our shipping season, then, by all means, let us know on your order form so we can plan accordingly with you. 

SHIPPING AND HANDLING COSTS- Each tray is shipped in its own box and is packed with extraordinary care by us. Plants do not like to be in transit for more than 3 days, so we use UPS as our shipper. For most of you, that will a cost of $15.96 per tray.  Please check the shipping chart below for the charges in your state. If you would like to see what other nurseries charge for the same service click here. You will be shocked! We cannot ship outside the continental U.S. or to AK, CA, OR, WA, AZ or FL. Unlike other mail-order businesses, we do not make money on the shipping of our plants. In fact, in recent years we have lost money on shipping, as the carriers continue to raise prices and add fuel surcharges to our costs. We believe the time and gas you save by not running around town looking for these plants and our substantial discounts, will more than pay the shipping. Please be sure your address is correct. Incorrect addresses result in extra charges by the shipping company and delayed shipments. These costs will be passed on to you. 




 $15.96 per TRAY


 $40  per TRAY
OK, TX, CO, NM, UT, WY, ND, SD, AR, MS, LA (Shipped 3-day select)
 $45 per TRAY
MT, ID, NV (Shipped 3-day select)
We do not ship to AK, CA, OR, WA, AZ or FL or outside the U.S.