Signs of Deer in the Garden

Signs of Deer in the Garden

Are Deer Eating Your Garden?

When you wake up one morning and your garden doesn’t look like what it did yesterday, it’s time to do some investigating. Before you blame the deer, let’s make sure the deer are really the culprit.

There are some sure signs that it was deer eating your garden. Deer do not nibble; they tear and rip the leaves pulling at them so the edges are jagged. Rabbits on the other hand neatly snack on the leaves in tiny bites.

Another sign of deer is their droppings. They leave behind clusters of hard brown marble-sized balls. It would be great fertilizer but unfortunately, it would only attract other deer.

Have you ever seen a deer footprint? They are easy to spot on relatively soft ground or in the snow. Their hooves are two toes that make a heart shaped image.

Maybe the biggest giveaway of all is they can literally flatten your garden. Deer are heavy animals, weighing about 150 lbs. at maturity. They won’t tip toe through your garden, I promise! 

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