Ways of Keeping Deer Out of the Garden

Scooter keeps deer out

How to Deer Proof the Garden

There are flowers we want to grow that are not considered deer resistant but we just have to have them in our garden. Realistically, most of us can’t just build a fence to keep the deer out. It’s expensive, it could be ugly as well, and your neighbors may get angry! So here are some other methods to keep deer out that may work. You may just have to see what works for you and what the deer don’t like

One of the best natural methods to keep deer out is blood meal.

Blood meal is a natural high nitrogen fertilizer with an earthy odor that the deer don’t like and I suppose it must inspire some sense of fear in the deer. Spread it around the edge of your garden or around your plants but not on your plants. It will have to be done every few weeks because it is absorbed in the soil and less effective. It’s a nice way to feed the plants and not the deer.

Motion detector lights can help deter deer.

Deer feed in the evening and the sudden on and off lighting of the area will frighten them. At the same time or on its own, a motion detecting sprinkler has been known to help as well. A much more pleasant approach is often wind chimes. They create beautiful tones for the human ear but can frighten away the deer.

You can hang bars of soap, bags of hair, garlic and use hot pepper spray.

The soap and hair are the easiest and that works for a while. You have to remember to refresh them. Pepper and garlic spray work but it is smelly and a lot of work to prepare. They are worth the try. Without promoting any particular commercial product because I haven’t used any, there are many deer repellent products available at your local hardware stores.

My favorite deer deterrent of all? Meet our dog Scooter!

He’s been slacking lately, though. The deer know him and even though they stay out of the garden the deer continue to munch on the lawn. After 13 years, the deer know he’s all bark and no action. In any case, dogs are another great help in keeping the deer out of your garden.

Don’t give up. Find the right deer resistant plants for your garden and a few extra strategies if need be and you can outwit those deer!

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