What's The Story Morning Glory?

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott


How can you not love a flower that bursts open every morning in a magnificent bloom to greet you? Morning Glories or Ipomoea are a crazy and easy growing vine needing little encouragement to go up or across or which ever way you want it to go, twisting its way about. You don't even need a trellis or a porch post. How about just a tree trunk that the Morning Glory can crawl up. Mine went up the gutter drain pipe. That was a great cover up! The Grandpa Ott Morning Glory, with its deep purple trumpet flowers and violet veins, begins its bloom season immediately. For the sky blue blossoms of Morning Glory Heavenly Blue, requires patience. I usually find they won't start their shower of blooms until a couple of weeks later in my garden.  It's best to grow established plants if you want to get a full season of color from them. Like other annuals, if you grow them from seed, it really takes a long time to get them to the bloom stage and they are frost sensitive. Their care is basic. I don't give them any special attention. If there is a drought and they are wilting, of course, water them. Pretty simple and I like that!